About Benoit Stichelbaut

It has been more than 25 years, that Benoit Stichelbaut is a photographer specialized in the maritime domain and Brittany where he lives, in the city of Concarneau, Finistère.

 With an educational background in the sailing sector, his photographic activities started in the world of ocean racing. He collaborated with the most renowned French skippers, such as Loic Peyron, Michel Desjoyeaux, Vincent Riou or Jean le Cam. He has covered big international events for the organizers, travelling around the globe to take pictures of arrivals and departures of the greatest transatlantic races (Vendée Globe, Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race). Indeed, ocean and travelling go well together! His illustrating work naturally led Benoit to sumptuous Islands, and the destinations kept shifting from the West Indies, Polynesia, New Caledonia, Maldives to Tierra del Fuego.

 But for an oceanic photographer living in Finistère, Brittany remains his preferred location. His current reportages are devoted to Brittany Islands, to the Iroise Sea’s beacons, to winter storms, to the small secrets of harbors, and to traditional shipyards.

 His pictures are used for advertising, the press, book illustrations, tourism products and interior decorations. They are distributed by himself and the HEMIS agency.


Prizes :

- 2020 - Prix de l'Académie de Marine (Album), pour Voyages dans les terres australes à bord du Marion Dufresne
- 2019 : Finaliste DroneAwards (the most important worldwide competition about aerial photography and video) en catégorie People
- 2018 : Les Photographies de l'Année - Catégorie Paysage (Lauréat)
- 2018 : Les Photographies de l'Année - Catégorie Sport (2ème)
- 2017 : Les Photographies de l'Année - Catégorie Nature et Environnement (3ème)
- 2016 : Mirabaud Yacht Racing images (2ème)

Bibliographie / Ouvrages

- Bretagne des mers (Editions Coop Breizh - 2005)
- Grands Voiliers (Editions Le Télégramme - 2008)
- Côtes de Bretagne à vol d’Oiseau (Editions Le Télégramme - 2009)
- Voiliers traditionnels (Editions Le Télégramme - 2009)
- Coureurs d’Océans (Editions Le Télégramme - 2010) - Avec Pierre-François Bonneau
- Victoire autour du monde (Editions du Toucan - 2012)
- Le Golfe du Morbihan (Editions Glénat - 2014)
- Finistère, le début de la mer (Editions Glénat - 2016) - Avec Pierre-François Bonneau
- Concarneau et Les Glénan, Destinées maritimes (Editions Géorama - 2018) - Avec Pierre-François Bonneau
- Voyages dans les mers Australes à bord du Marion Dufresne (Editions E/P/A - 2019)
- Phares des côtes bretonnes (Editions Ouest-France - 2020)


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Travail en Hélico from Benoit Stichelbaut on Vimeo.